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In the era of globalisation, cross-border cooperation and exchanges have become the norm for enterprise development.Customers choose Chauxu Machinery Co., Ltd. because Chauxu has advanced technology, reliable quality and professional and considerate customer service, which also reflects customers' trust in us and product recognition.


Why choose us?

Wenzhou Chaoxu Machinery Co.,ltd has specialized in Intelligent Luggage Machinery Industry since 1992. Our employees have trained by the latest production technology. Advanced equipment and strict quality control standards used in the production process.we are cooperating with global famous luggage manufacturers such as Samsonite, Crown and having further relationship with suppliers ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Taiwan Weinview, Japan ORMON and so on. Our machines are sold well among Western Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other more than 20 countries and regions.

Pre-sales: We have professional engineers and salespersons online 24 hours a day to reply, provide free catalogues and professional quotations also support the field inspection of factories.

In-sale: short delivery time, timely delivery, free gift of wearing parts.

After-sales: 1 year warranty, we support engineers to install and debugging and training, 24 hours online Q&A and technical support.

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