2023 New Product- Chaoxu 5 Axis CNC Cutting Machine

Wenzhou Chaoxu Machinery Co., Ltd. recently launched an eye-catching new product in March this year: 5 Axis CNC plastic cutting machine.


Features of 5 Axis CNC plastic Cutting Machine

1. We use the latest program process in the market, exclusive agent.

2. Some graphics can be shaped in one click, the program is programmed with different color distinction, editing program mode is simple and easy to get started, you can use Chinese characters to note.

3. The CNC meaning can be defined as a process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory machinery and tools. As a result, manufacturers can punch holes of luggage and cut edge of suitcase in less time, reduce waste and eliminate the risk of human error.


Advantages of 5 Axis CNC plastic Cutting Machine

1.Easy operation

The operation page is simple, the programming is convenient, and the recipe can be saved.

2. Full automatic controlled by PLC  

Reduce labour requirements and increase productivity. 

3.Fast Speed

Quickly performs cutting and punching to increase overall productivity.

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