Our Luggage Production Line
Choose Chaoxu as your luggage production line supplier, we will provide you with completely high-end luggage production equipment to meet all your production needs.
Focus on luggage industry to creat an international leading brand
Wenzhou Chaoxu Machinery has specialized in intelligent luggage machinery industry since 1992.We became a leading brand after three decades's development and management, having a group of senior technical team. Our main products are Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine,Vacuum Forming Machine, CNC Cutting Machine, Luggage Cutting Machine, Luggage Punching Machine In addition, we have researched and achieved lots of national technical patents,and we processed CE, ISO9001:2015 certificates and owned the whole running system.
Industry ls Keeping Change Because Of Us
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Our Partners
Our Partners
Our Partners
Why Do You Choose CHAOXU?
Machine accessories
Having further relationship with and Switzerland ABB, France Schneider, Germany Siemens, Japanese ORMON and other well-known international brands.
Production process
Our vacuum forming machine is
capable of fully automatic dual frame independent operation, upper and lower honeycomb ceramic heating blocks, intelligent PLC control.
Tailor-made solutions for customers in terms of size, material, electrical accessories, etc., and can be flexibly customized in detail according to customers' specific requirements.
After-Sales Service For Our Customers
We have a group of senior technical personnels,researching and achieving lots of national technical patents. We are able to provide our customers with reliable service and first-class suitcase production line equipment.
24/7 Online Service
We offer round-the-clock support to address any after-sales issues caused by improper operation.
Professional after-sale service team
Our skilled engineers can install commission and provide training at the customer's location.
Training options
Customers have the flexibility to choose between on-site training or visiting our company for training.
Provide Test Machine Video
We provide a video of the machine being tested before shipment for quality assurance.
1-Year Warranty
Our suitcase production line equipment is backed by a one-year warranty for peace of mind.
Share CHAOXU's Success Stories With You!
PC Three or Four Layers Sheet Extruder Machine
Customer from Turkey and ordered a three-screw plastic sheet extruder machine in our factory.
Double-Station 10 Axis CNC Cutting Machine
Our customer is from Pakistan and he is operating our machine.
Double-Station Type P Auto Vacuum Forming Machine
This customer is from India and purchased a vacuum forming machine in our factory. He is quite satisfied with our machine.
Upgrade Your Luggage Production Line With Our Machinery Equipment
Our team of experts is ready and waiting to assist you in any way possible. Don't hesitate to contact us, and let us help you achieve your luggage production line goals.
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News And Exhibition Activities
What is a Plastic Hole Punch Machine
Plastic Hole Punch Machine, also known simply as a hole puncher or hole punching machine, is a device used to create holes in plastic materials. These machines are designed to perforate plastic sheets, films, or other plastic products with precision and consistency.
10-24 Jul,2024
Application of CNC plastic cutting machine in bag punching process
CNC plastic cutting machine is an automatic cutting device controlled by computer. Its technical core lies in the CNC system, including computer, control card, driver, etc. In the bag punching process, it accurately controls the movement of the cutting head in the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis directions according to the preset program to complete the punching of bag materials.
06-24 Jun,2024


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