CNC Plastic Cutting Machine

Chaoxu CNC plastic cutting machine is specially used to process holes and trimming of non-metal shell products such as bags and bags. It adopts a ten-axis cutting system of a duplex CNC machine tool. The left and right workstations are fully automated and independently controlled, and the positioning is high-precision.

● Compatible with a variety of plastic materials, such as PE, PP, PVC, etc., it can be used for processing plastic sheets, pipes, profiles, etc.

● CNC numerical control provides comprehensive technical support to achieve precise production and greatly improve work efficiency.

● Customized equipment according to customer needs, simple operation page and convenient programming

CX-A22C High Speed CNC Plastic Cutting Machine
This machine is used for processing holes and grooves and cutting edges of non-metal shell products such as adopts a ten-axis cutting system for double stations CNC machine. And it can be customized according to customer needs.
CX-CNC21 Easy Operation CNC Plastic Cutting Machine
luggage edge cutting & hole punching machine. The operation of the machine is independently controlled by the left and right workstations.
How can CHAOXU benefit your business?
Excellent quality and strong partnerships make your bag production more efficient.
Two working modes
Automatic and Manual working modes can be chosen by customers..
Senior Technical Team
The company has a group of senior technical team, able to provide high-quality technical support and solutions.
Two Chambers
The left and right stations can work by turns to save time and provide productivity.
PLC screen
The operation interface is compact and easy to operate, the paraments can be adjusted and saved in real time.
Preheated system
Sheets can be preheated automatically to save power and time.
All heaters are controlled separately and easy to be adjusted.
Silent technology
Machines can move and work silently.
Frequently Asked Question

Is it hard to operate?

No. Upgraded CNC plastic cutting machine is easy to operate. The system has already set punching patterns of different shapes, and as long as you select the pattern and input the length, the hole can be automatically punched.
The main interface is concise and clear, with clear functions for each module and easy operation.
More importantly, we have a professional team of engineers who will teach you how to set up a new program. Before shipping, we will also set up the program based on your luggage and accessories. After receiving the machine, you can use it directly.

What will your factory do in quality control?

Before the machine is completed, it undergoes countless fully automatic running tests and the program is normal before being shipped.
And also we will offer whole-life service. What's more, all machinery has been passed ISO and CE testing. Strictly testing the machine and arranging delivery after 100% confirmation of no problem are what we always do.

How long is the warranty period and how about after-sales service?

1 year warranty time.
lf you have any questions about our machines, take a photo or video, we will reply you and help you solve the problem within 12 hours. We offer technical support online for whole life.
If you need it, our engineers can go to your factory for installation, debugging, and training.