Plastic Hole Punch Machine

The luggage punching machine is specially designed for the luggage handle part and is used for punching operations to improve production efficiency and product quality.

● Specially designed for punching holes in the handles of luggage to ensure accurate hole positions and improve product craftsmanship.

● Suitable for different types and specifications of luggage handles, with wide applicability.

● The operation is simple and easy to learn, which reduces the difficulty of manual operation and improves production efficiency.

YX-22M Plastic Hole Punch Machine
YX-22M Plastic Hole Punch Machine
YX-22M Plastic Hole Punch Machine is designed for precision and efficiency, and is specifically designed to punch perfect holes in luggage handle assemblies.
How can CHAOXU benefit your business?
Excellent quality and strong partnerships make your bag production more efficient.
High speed
It takes only a few seconds to complete the punching of a luggage shell rod.
Good quality
Machine sold with no after-sales problems.
Good price
The machine is cost-effective.
Easy to operation
Luggage shells are punched by placing them under the punching head.
Machine Customizable Options
CHAOXU machines offer highly customizable intelligent bag and luggage machinery solutions.
Frequently Asked Question

where is your factory located?

In shangwang industry area,wenzhou city,china.

When did your factory established?

since 2008.

What is your main market?

Europe, The North America, $outh America, Australia, The middle east, and etc.

How many square meters of your factory?

More than 10000 square meter.

How many workers in your factory?

120 workers.

How can l place an order?

Please provide the details of your requirements as clear as possible. so we can send you the offer at the first time.For designing or further discussion, it is better to contact us by whatsapp:+86-13967700784,in case of any delays.


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