YX-22AS Luggage Bag Making Machine
YX-22AS Luggage Bag Making Machine
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YX-22AS Luggage Bag Making Machine adopts a hanger design, hard chrome plating and mirror polishing to ensure the production of stable, uniform and smooth plastic sheets. This machine is designed for the production of single-layer or multi-layer ABS, PC, PS, HDPE and other plastic sheets, especially for the luggage manufacturing industry. Its superior extrusion technology and precise length cutting function ensure high-quality output of sheets during the production process, thus meeting the various needs of luggage and bag manufacturing.


1. Customized Services

2. 1 year mechanical warranty

3. Full automatic controlled by PLC

4. CE & ISO9001 certification

5. Free spare parts


Technical Parameters
Model YX-22A/S
Plate thickness 1-4mm
Plate Width 1-900mm
Weight 10T
Total Power 100KW
Overall Dimension 16500*5200*3300MM
Yield 210-230KG/HR
Auto Grade Full Auto
Brand of Main Electrical Parts Schneider,RKC,Rittal,Siemens,etc.
Diameter of Roller 400mm or customized
Diameter of Barrel 100/70/50mm or customized
Lamination Device Included,printed film on the sheet is ok
Distribution Device Includedmore lavers sheet can be made
Layers of Sheet 2 layers



Machine design


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