YX-22M Plastic Hole Punch Machine
YX-22M Plastic Hole Punch Machine
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YX-22M Plastic Hole Punch Machine is designed for precision and efficiency, and is specifically designed to punch perfect holes in luggage handle assemblies. Its specialized features ensure that every punch is accurate and consistent, meeting the stringent standards required for luggage manufacturing. It can easily adapt to processing synthetic materials such as ABS or sturdy polycarbonate.

Its automated operation simplifies the production process, greatly reduces manual labor and optimizes output. Sturdy construction and intuitive controls ensure reliable performance during long-term operation.



2-1 year mechanical warranty

3-Free spare parts

4-CE & ISO9001 certification


Technical Parameters
Model YX-22M
Weight 0.75T
Voltage 380V/220V Optional
Motor Power 2.2KW
Nominal Force 5KN
Dimension (L*W*H) 900*850*2000mm
Used for Luggage suitcase hole puncher
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